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I offer private audition coaching and Stand up Comedy Help at my home by appointment. I am especially good at helping you come up with characters for Network showcases where you have to write your own material.

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"Sean's writing class is beyond amazing! I'm starting a sketch comedy show BachelorsPad.TV and all my sketches use his comedic formula!" - King Bach​ (Vine Super star)

"Sean created a judgement-free, engaging, constructive environment for us to learn, or further our knowledge of, sketch writing. He taught us the pillars of sketch structure, gave us exercises and lessons we could implement each week, and his notes were intentional, considered and helpful. He knows how to take a pre-existing good idea and broaden it just as well as he knows how to take a good idea and take it in a new direction. I loved the class -- he has an amazing comedy brain and getting to learn from him has made me a better writer and thinker." -Jenn

'Being in Sean's writing class developed a confidence and enjoyment in my writing process. I can discern if an idea has legs to be a sketch, short story, movie, or just a joke. Now I can write a technically proficient sketch within a few days. Moreover, I'm amped to try and create/write an idea.
Sean helps you figure out what you're actually making fun of and your best approach. He is a wealth of skill and professional knowledge. I appreciated how he could acknowledge the writer's voice while also acknowledging what would sell/hit with an audience/consumer.
I've taken comedy and writing classes at UCB, Groundlings, Second City, and at Yale. Sean's writing class has been the most useful and applicable for comedy/professional writing.' - Jocelyn

"Before Sean's class, I had never written a sketch and didn't even know where to begin. In just six weeks, Sean gave me the tools to create unique, polished, and most importantly, funny sketches- and I have five finished sketches to show for it! I cannot recommend this class highly enough. It has been invaluable to me as a beginning comedian and writer." - Morgan

Sean Hogan is a freaking genius! He helped me with my CBS diversity showcase audition. He is so great at developing memorable characters and he always brings out the comedy to the fullest. His approach is super chill, he creates a comfortable environment and the creativity just comes out! And it's hard to stop- cause great ideas, funny jokes just keep coming. I left feeling super confident and would totally recommend that anybody and everybody go see him! - Audi

"Sean is my lifesaver!!
When I had a huge, last minute audition for the CBS diversity showcase, I knew I had to go to Sean for help! They needed me to create different characters and BEING FUNNY was a requirement! Sean helped me tremendously on coming up with characters that were unique to me and that were FUNNY! I had the best audition of my life and I know I left a lasting impression for the network executives. And most importantly, I had fun too! I honestly don't know what I would have done without him. If you're looking for private comedy writing lessons or coaching, hands down, Sean is your guy! Super smart, quick-thinking, talented and creative... THANK YOU SEAN!!!!" - Jacqui

"Thank you for being an amazing instructor! Not the proper way to show gratitude but I want you to know how grateful I am for your classes. They've helped me tremendously. They are, in my mind, the most helpful of any writing course I've taken. (Hell, I took yours 3 times!) Wanted you to know that I've passed Writing Lab and have a job writing a feature at the moment. I couldn't have done it without your help. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to the tip of my pencil. (I still write old-school.)" - Dee

"I had to prepare for an NBC diversity showcase and was freaking out! I didn't know where to start. I've never done original characters before. A friend recommended Sean and he was incredible!!! I arrived in a panic and left his house an hour later feeling totally prepared to kick ass, which I did! He's so good at taking small fragments of a character and finding what's funny about them." - Raymond

"I have never writtne sketch comedy before and English isn't my first language. Never the less, I've pleasnatly surprised myself thanks to Sean's effective way of teaching and his clear direction. Grazie!" - Sara

My experience in class having you as a teacher has been remarkable.
In a short time you have helped me face fears and gain so much more confidence.
You are friendly, energetic, patient , professional , and an all around excellent teacher.
You have amazing skills and great personality.
Thank you so much for your time and your impact with us. " - Trevor

"I learned so much more than sketch writing in this class – I learned the fundamentals of comedic storytelling. Sean's specific approach and breakdown to comedy is science! The readings and feedback from the class, in addition to Sean's expert opinion, were incredibly powerful tools for me as a writer.
Sean really knows his stuff! Having this experience has given me invaluable insight to specific things in my writing that I hadn't noticed before. I believe this class is great for beginners or experienced writers, performers, comedians, etc. It's a smart, laid-back group where there is not only no pressure, but no judgement when it comes to presenting untested material.
One of my goals going into this class was to somehow bridge the gap between performing and writing, but what I ended up with was even better. Each week our sketches progressively improved and you could really tell the difference in just a few weeks. Thank you so much for all of your wisdom and hospitality, Sean! " - Brit

"This class should be dubbed 'The Science of Sketch for Beginners'. If I had the money to trademark it I would also name his style 'The Hogan Method'. He breaks sketch down into easy, digestible, well thought out lessons for anyone venturing into Comedy, be it sketch to Improv to standup. Total game changer. Thank you!" - Lindsay

"Your constructive criticism was always very supportive and you always had many ideas on how to make a sketch better, instead of just telling us this is not good or this doesn't work. I want to Thank you for creating such an amazing and supportive atmosphere in this class and for being such a great teacher! " - Anna

"Thank you thank you so so so so much for your wisdom. I am a better writer and a better person because of taken your classes. I believe that you're the type of teacher awakens brilliant minds and molds raw talent. You have inspired me to be the best story teller I can be. You have also helped me find my life purpose which is inspire people through written text." - Sireh

"I wanted to say thank you for your advice and guidance in sketch class. Of the three sketch classes I've taken, yours is the only one that has truly made the writing process fun and approachable. Your method for breaking down the structure and simplifying the individual beats has been so helpful. I've found these tips especially helpful in screenwriting. It's really helped knock out writer's block. Thanks, Sean!" - Kim

This class has been incredibly eye-opening for me. It really helped me uncover some writing skills I didn't know I had and I learned a lot about the technical aspects of sketch writing. I'm so excited to keep this up.
I'm reworking parts of all of my sketches and plan to produce all of them into short videos. I'm also putting together some actual writing sample submissions for networks! - Melanie

"Sean is an excellent teacher. I had taken one sketch writing class in the past, but the instruction left much of the creative process unclear and I was left wanting. My experience with Sean was entirely different. He broke the writing process down into clear and easy steps, making sketch writing accessible to even the most novice of writers. His feedback was thoughtful and encouraging, and you can tell how much he cares about his craft. And, I took the whole class via skype! I wasn't sure how it would work, but it did. It worked seamlessly. Overall, I had a great experience and I am looking forward to signing up for another class in the near future." - Kate

"I thoroughly enjoyed the sketch comedy writing class given by Sean Hogan. The class of 4 students (Sean limits class size to a maximum of 7 students) met in Sean's warm, comfortable home located on an unusually beautiful street with historical homes on it. Sean was an excellent instructor, extremely knowledgeable from many years of personal experience in the sketch comedy world. He also has a caring, sensitive nature that helped to create a good learning environment. The course included well done handouts and personal, written comments from Sean to each student. I strongly recommend this class to anyone who's interested in sketch comedy writing. Incidentally I'm 76 years old." - John

'I had never written any sort of script before, but had always wanted to give it a shot. Taking Sean's class has helped me understand not only the structure of sketch comedy and feel comfortable writing it, but he's helped me uncover my natural voice. I'd take it again and again, if I could. I really loved the class :)" - Robert

Before taking Sean's sketch writing class, I was a complete noob on the subject. The entire process scared me. Not only did Sean equip me with the tools to write and get laughs, but he does so in a strategic and welcoming way. Thank you, Sean! - Sydney

Hey Sean!
Want to send you a belated thank you for the sketch writing class. I had a blast learning how to write sketches - it's a whole new world for me. It was also fun to just write and be creative and have a weekly writing deadline. Thanks for creating a relaxed and fun space to do all of that. I used some of the ideas that I came up with in there for my CBS Diversity Audition (the reason I took your class to begin with) and am going to callbacks for it in a few weeks! I have to come up with a few more characters for that but looking forward to implementing all that I learned from you. - Anisha

"Sean Hogan's comedy sketch writing class was an extremely cathartic, humbling and progressive experience. Sean has truly mastered the process of creativity by allowing each writer to go to "that place" in his/her work. His feedback was always realistic, constructive and encouraging. I felt so comfortable creating quick wit dialogue and a type of humor that may or may not be accepted by "society standards. I felt supported by the entire class and saw my writing improve on every level possible.I feel so much gratitude toward Sean and highly recommend his class." - Kathleen

I absolutely loved your Sketch class. Thank you for an incredibly informative, supportive, encouraging, fun, and down right hilarious experience. You made the class a safe environment to share, contribute and take chances. I really feel like I gained a solid understanding of sketch comedy writing that will serve me in all things that I write as well as the characters I create on the stage from here on out. Your class made me appreciate and love comedy that much more, while instilling me with a healthy dose of confidence that I was lacking. Once I save up some money I plan to enroll in your course again." - Hayley

"I just wanted to thank you Sean for all you taught me over the past six weeks. I came into class not knowing anything about sketch writing and now feel so much more confident in being able to produce quality sketches. Without this class I would have been lost in writing lab, but now I feel that I can go into the class with confidence.
I can't thank you enough for all the great lessons you taught and the great tips and feedback you gave! Your class was amazing! Thanks!!" - Jeremy

"Sean is awesome! I went from being nervous about sharing my work with other people and in front of Sean who I looked up to, to not being able to wait until next week's class to get feedback on what I had written.
Besides being a great teacher, Sean is warm, kind and generous.
became a fan of his teaching style after taking an Improv comedy class with him at Groundlings. He was such a good teacher that I wanted to take any class related to comedy or writing that he taught since he is definitely has a well of knowledge and his energy is just kind of infectious. Sean somehow brings together the most important elements from any kind of writing class you could take and makes these details and techniques user-friendly, memorable and FUN. I wish I had taken Sean's sketch-writing class before I took many of my graduate school classes in filmmaking. I believe Sean's classes would have made me a better student, writer, and filmmaker." - Cathy

"I had never taken a writing class before, so I was a little nervous. I was afraid I would not be able to keep up, but on the first day Sean broke it all down into simple steps that made it EASY! Coming to class was like hanging out with a bunch of your friends and sharing ideas." - Suzanne

"Not only is Sean a true master of the craft of sketch writing, he is a funny, warm human being, generous with his gift of communicating not only the left-brain detailed specifics of how to write a comedy sketch, but how to trust and develop the instinctively creative right-brain aspects as well. Sean teaches you not to feel pressure to be funny, but instead gives you tricks of the trade that help to foster your natural creative ability. So maybe it is true, you don't have to be a comedic genius to write great sketch comedy, afterall, Sean can actually teach you to be funny! " - Ward

"If Sketch Writing is the Dark Side, Sean is your Obi-Wan Kenobi. He'll guide you on how to defeat it. If sketch writing is like building a house, then Sean's the one with all the tools and he'll share it with you graciously and without judgment. Sean breaks down sketch writing in a simple way in a safe and comfortable environment. You'll write a sketch after the very first class! " - Ki Hong

"Sean's classes are ideal for developing your personal writing style and abilities in a safe and encouraging environment. And his experience with The Groundlings has given him the knowledge to guide you through the dreaded 'writer's block' towards the completion of your comedic ideas. This is why I keep coming back." - Hector

"No judgement, no pressure I absolutely loved the class, I learned so much and will continue on to take more classes, if every instructor would be as relaxed and pleasant to study with, we would have millions of sketch writers out there just enjoying themselves." - Anita

"I had never written a sketch before taking Sean's class. By using Sean's easy step-by-step method the ideas flowed and the sketches practically wrote themselves. Sean also provides great, and hysterical, feedback. Thanks Sean for providing such a fun and wonderful class." - Robert

"Sean's sketch class was so much fun I forgot I was in a writing class! I went in with no expectations that I could ever write anything funny, and I came out with 3 very funny sketches and the courage to now write my first screenplay. I learned to write sketch and I had a wonderful time doing it." - Tara

"Sean's Sketch Class is for ANYONE who wants to explore their ability to write and fully express their comedic talents. It is awesome - especially for complete beginners! Sean Hogan is an exceptional teacher and coach who combines years of knowledge in the business along with a comfortable, easy-going approach in a supportive environment that empowers you to embrace your funny side to its full potential." - Melody

"This class helped me bring my writing skills to a different level. Great class!" -Vanessa